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img1 - Top 3 websites for game reviews

This is an article meant for you if you consider yourself a real gamer. We define real gamers as the guys obsessed about always being up to date with all the current trends, insights and rumors about current game updates, game tournaments, new game release dates and any other news about the gaming industry.

We believe that at some point or the other, anyone with access to a mobile device, a tablet or a computer has played one form of game or the other. The difference is probably the level of intensity and enthusiasm you approach your game with.

Join us as we explore the three best websites to access game reviews.

ign - Top 3 websites for game reviews

#1 The IGN website

First on this list is the IGN website which is believed to be the best game review websites. This platform keep s gamers up to date with news and also reviews of most played and popular video games. The IGN site is also responsible for managing other sites such as AskMen, GameStats and GameSpy. The site also manages PC Games, Xbox Live, Retro among many other video games sites.

gameranx - Top 3 websites for game reviews

#2 The Gameranx website

Second in the list is the Gameranx website is one of the most interactive sites that gamers will appreciate for their reviews of video games. It is a source of relevant information on new and upcoming video games, has current news on various game play options and many more. It is in your best interest as gamers to check it out.

gamespot - Top 3 websites for game reviews

#3 The GameSpot website

Third on this list is the GameSpot websitewhich most gamers describe as a very cool website that is not only known for a good gaming experience but also provides news and reviews, you can get to preview games and even download some games through this platform. Gamers can also get relevant information about upcoming games. The Gamespot website boast of being among the list of the 200 websites with the most traffic globally.

Feel free to add more sites to this list.

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