These will be the 5 best multiplayer games in 2018

games - These will be the 5 best multiplayer games in 2018

Gamers will agree that the opportunity to play a game in the company of your buddies or the ability to test your gaming abilities against other gamers is one of the best gaming experiences. It adds the adrenaline rush, and the aspect of interacting with other gamers increases socialization opportunities. Multiplayer games are also specifically designed to ensure the game play becomes more epic.

Let’s take a look at 5 games we feel will be the best multiplayer games in 2018.

#1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe currently retailing at $59.99 has gotten rave reviews as one of the very best multiplayer racing games. The fact that you can play it through a console means that it can be played on multiplayer mode from anywhere with one console or more. The best multiplayer fun is gotten when you play the battle mode which has been included in this version of the franchise game.

#2 Overwatch

Overwatch currently retailing at $59 boasts of a base of 35 million active players. This is precisely why this game makes it to this list. This game is an online only first person shooter game that ensures an exciting game play that will send gamers going back for more. Apart from the good graphics which is expected of games of this nature, it a relatively easy game to learn and very user friendly compared to other online games.

overwatch - These will be the 5 best multiplayer games in 2018

#3 Destiny 2

The Destiny franchise was the very first game to popularize the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game commonly referred to as the MMOFPS format. This includes an awesome pairing of action-packed shooting combined withan online environment filled with other gamers. Destiny 2 can be played on single player mode but the level of fun increases when you play it on multiplayer mode. Teaming up on patrols, campaigns and adventures is so much fun. Destiny 2 retails for about $59

#4 Battlefield 1

Retailing at $59.99, Battlefield 1 is undoubtedly the most spectacular online multiplayer game currently. It is not an easy game to learn and most new gamers find it overwhelming at first but they gradually grow into it. It is amazing that it can be played by up to 64 players at any given time.

fifa - These will be the 5 best multiplayer games in 2018

#5 FIFA 18

One cannot talk about multiplayer games without mentioning football and in this case, the game is FIFA 18.Retailing at $59, any soccer fanatic will confirm that this is a multiplayer gaming experience that is as realistic as it gets. Players can incorporate a wide array of attacking flair packed with so much end to end action. The graphics are so great, you would assume it was a real game if you did not see the gamers on the console.

These are definitely games that gaming fanatics should look out for in 2018 if they haven’t laid their hands on them yet. We would like to know what you think about this list.

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