These are the 2 best global gaming tournaments

pokermon2 - These are the 2 best global gaming tournaments

For a long time, video games have been very popular especially among young people because as they grow up and get older, these games help remind them of their younger years. Some of these games even end up becoming an obsession to some or a potential source of quick cash through gambling. Apparently, staking some cash on a game especially one that is interactive increases the stakes, the thrill and the fun. Tournaments have even emerged out of some of these games which are mostly multiplayer games.

The tournaments have grown in popularity, competitiveness, and level of stakes attached to them that a word has been coined to refer to them –“E-sports”.

Below we take a look at the 2 most popular video game tournaments.

pokemon - These are the 2 best global gaming tournaments

#1 The Pokemon World Championships

Pokemon has quickly become a global sensation. So it does not come as a surprise that this game from the Nintendo Franchise has a tournament dedicated for it. The beauty of Pokemon is that it is a game that is very lively and dedicated to all ages. The creative bit of it is that there are two versions, the first is the electronic game and the second is the trading card which is a spin-off. The tournament then brings together players from both versions in a face-off.

#2 EVO

Most gamers love fighting games as they are more immersive, require greater engagement, strategy and have an element of an adrenaline rush. There are a significant number of gaming tournaments involving fighting games but none is as big as EVO, the mother of all fighting games held annually in Vegas. It is a very popular tournament that is held over a period of three days and it features some of the most popular fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

evo - These are the 2 best global gaming tournaments

These game tournaments are complete tournaments with prizes and even cash awards for the ultimate victors. Some people have been known to take the opportunity to do some gambling by staking money on the players.

These are worth checking out if you consider yourself a true gamer.

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